Gone In Bricksty Seconds: Video Game Assets Creation

This assignment was for my degree 2 project(self-driven) in which I decided to team up with a partner who knew how to code, and together with my graphics/technical knowledge we made GONE IN BRICKSTY SECONDS, our very own 3D mini-video game. The art style is supposed to reflect anti-commercialism of the 80's, 90's and now of Boston, Massachusetts. The only catch to this, to make the art believable was everything had to be in LEGO, further fortifying the fact that we all live in a "plastic" world were money talks! UV color maps and bump maps were used according to the powers of 2 for full game engine optimization 512 pixels x 512 pixels. The pipeline for this project was basically utilizing proprietary software and then using Maya 2015 to build the assets and environment that would later be put into Unity's game engine.  


Spring 2015 Semester at Northeastern University