Introduction: A collection of unique photos that represent soviet winter based Boston, Massachusetts, and abstracted aquarium photography, taken at the New England Aquarium. Also you will see some photo collages I made while I was in Ireland on a dialogue of civilization for college!

Soviet Boston, It was a cold winter back in 2014. With a new year of post heavy snow fall and depression, I had turned Boston into my own communist playground(making it seem like Boston is our new "Soviet Union") through my photos, and post editing skills. I used a Nikon FM2 SLR and Nikon D3200 DSLR. For the FM2 shots all were hand scanned(with a film bracket), and then taken to into photoshop. 

Abstracted Aquarium, I stumbled upon and idea of taking photos at the New England Aquarium, and wanted to challenge myself to take photos of certain aquatic life that had abstract qualities by nature. I was challenged to get some really interesting, colorful, vibrant shoots with the dark fixed lighting the aquarium bestows. I got as close I could to my aquatic life subjects and took over 500 photos to get my favorite 10 photos. I had edited some photos as if I created new types of jelly fishes, and captured just the pure essence of subjects as they were in their natural habitats.  

Ireland Photo Collages, I had visited a graveyard in the Aran Islands, an interesting church in Kilfenora, named St. Fachtna's Cathedral. I also took a photo of the The Plassey Shipwreck on Inis Oirr. I had transformed it something organically different than its literal representational form. The same process went for the photo I took from the graveyard and the cathedral. 


Spring + Summer 2 2014 Semester at Northeastern University