Here are some videos, I either acted in or edited and produced myself(Using Final Cut Pro). Enjoy!

Zander Trip, which was a movie I made for my Video 1 class. I used a green screen and edited my parts of the project with Final Cut Pro X, including the color correction, chroma keying, etc. The movie itself is not really supposed to be something specific just a "trip" with strong visuals and the many stages that goes into the trip. Music composed by students from Berklee College of Music. 

Zandman In Ireland!, is a video collage that takes you on a journey from first day in the studio at Burren College of Arts all the way to The Cliffs of Moher, Irish dance lessons, the Aillwee Cave, Hylands Burren Hotel(while watching some Hurling when it was raining out). The events here showcase the most promising times had in Ireland into a video collage medium. This video collage is narrative based, and the events were real! I used my Nikon D3200, Iphone 4 to shoot with. Post-production was all edited in Final Cut Pro X. 


Fall + Spring 2014 Semester at Northeastern University